Today: 22nd of December 2014
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“I have great respect for all the others who share my world.”

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Be Inspired

Allow yourself to Be Inspired. This unique collection of positive uplifting affirmations and spectacular photography was taken in the Garden Route, South Africa.

When you buy this ebook you will experience an online tour with me and Be Inspired.  I share my unique collection of nature inspired motivation to empower you and to effect those necessary shifts in your life.

My purpose and passion is to awaken, heal, empower, motivate and transform you.

So you can join me now for your own unique and inspiring soul healing tour through the Garden Route, right here on your computer.

This is just a little taste of some of the uplifting affirmations you will find in Be Inspired.

  • Love is the greatest power of transformation.  Cherish that feeling of love in your heart.
  • I am peaceful and tranquil.
  • My thoughts vibrate like ripples in a pond.  They radiate and affect the world around me.

Allow yourself to Be Inspired right now!

Important Note

This eBook is in a Microsoft PowerPoint Show format due to high graphic content.  If you do not have the Microsoft PowerPoint program on your PC you can click here to download a free viewer from Microsoft.

It is best viewed in Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 and later versions, with the following fonts available on your computer : *Edwardian Script ITC  *Lucida Calligraphy  *Aharoni  *Arial

After purchase Ensure you save it to your PC in a directory of your choice.

This will ensure you have access to it whenever you want to Be Inspired.

Be Inspired Download File size is 7.82 mb.

*Please report any technical problems with PayPal to Tina

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Celebrating Love

Do you ever sit imagining you have a deeply loving relationship based on unconditional love?  How will you relate to this wonderful person in your life?  Would you like to detail what you would love to have in a relationship and a life partner?  And then enjoy the delight of this manifesting exactly as you want it.  Well you can and with the help of this special ebook you will soon be Celebrating Love.

  • Packed with essential tools and Feng Shui tips.
  • It will provide you with step-by-step guidance to release yourself from past relationships.  As well as those not aligned to your highest good
  • Attract the love you deserve and want to have.
  • Powerful techniques that work quickly.

So, how soon do you want to Celebrate Love?

Get it today and your new desired relationship will be even closer to you.

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*Please report any technical problems with PayPal to Tina

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Connecting with Archangels

Connecting with Archangels – This ebook will guide and align you with a connection to 7 of the Archangels for a powerful way of communication.  It includes meditations and techniques that you can repeat as often as you feel the need.  It will teach you how to enhance and maintain your connection with the Archangels.

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*Please report any technical problems with PayPal to Tina

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Feng Shui

Payment for Feng Shui consultantion.  Please insert the amount you have been quoted for by previous arrangement with Tina.  Important to note that the amount must be entered in South African Rands.  Do not use a comma only a dot for the cents.  Paypal will do the transaction in US Dollars.

Contact Tina for a Quote before payment

Consultation Fees:
A consultation includes 2 appointments of approx 3hrs each.

On 1st appointment: A4 copy of house plans is required to take with me.   I take compass directions, photos & energy analysis.  I also require date of birth for every person living in house or working in business.  Minimum of 50% fee is payable before or at 1st appointment.  Balance on 2nd appointment.

On 2nd appointment: I give you written report of recommendation of change for you to do in your own time.  There is an extra charge if you want me to help you implement the changes with you.

1 Bedroomed = R750 (with Lounge, Dine, Kitchen etc all included)

2 Bedroomed = R900 (with Lounge, Dine, Kitchen etc all included)

3 Bedroomed = R1,200 (with Lounge, Dine, Kitchen etc all included)

4 Bedroomed = R1,600 (with Lounge, Dine, Kitchen, study etc all included)

5 Bedroomed = R2,000 (with Lounge, Dine, Kitchen, study etc all included)

Office or Business included in house = R500 extra

Business with up to 5 employees = R2,800

Business with up to 10 employees = R5,600

My physical help in rearranging and redecorating is R250/hr

Contact Tina For a Quote before payment

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Meditation for Beginners

Do you know how to meditate effectively?  Are you looking for the best way to get started?  Well look no further!  You have found the right ebook that will help you do just that.


Firstly, let me share some benefits of meditation and this particular ebook…

  • Stress reduction
  • Elimination of fear
  • Deep relaxation
  • Serenity, Happiness, Understanding
  • Synthesis of all areas of your brain
  • Mental clarity
  • Goal visualisation and achievement
  • Centre and bring the self into clear focus
  • Greater attunement and balancing of energies
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Inner healing – emotional and physical
  • Increased energy flow
  • Raising consciousness
  • Development and growth of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual awareness

Meditation is no doubt the fastest way to transformation.  This unique set of meditation exercises will help you to get started, building your confidence in a rapid process of enlightenment. Meditation for Beginners is a work book packed with the essential tools to immediately align you with awareness and increase your intuition.

Here is what you get, right now, when you buy this Beginners Meditation ebook

  • Easy guidance to effectively practice meditation
  • The benefits and techniques of breathing
  • Powerful awareness meditations for you to practice
  • Discover how to eliminate fears and a meditation on how to do this
  • Learn about the seven major chakras
  • Learn about Positive vs Negative energies
  • You are given a powerful exercise on how to positively energising your workplace
  • …And much more….

This Beginners Meditation ebook is absolutely the best way to get started in helping yourself right now.  It is very easy to follow, yet very powerful.  With this foundation of  knowledge, guidance and practical application you will no longer be left wondering if you are doing it right.  And you will soon be able to advance into other meditations and achieve even greater results in your life.

In fact you don’t have to be a beginner to benefit from this ebook.  Experienced meditators will also find some very valuable techniques.

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*Please report any technical problems with PayPal to Tina

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Money Motions eBook

“Change the way you think and react to money, and it will change its direction to you”

Do you have money problems?  Has the recession got to you?  Do you never seem to have enough money?  Always spend your money quicker than it comes in?

I know how you feel…..  But now, the question you must ask yourself, “isn’t it time to turn this around?”….

Are you ready to release your fears and burdens of money and learn how to enrich your life with abundance?  Are you ready to transform debt into investments?  Are you ready to be rich?

Your thoughts and emotions set the course for your whole life experience.  Did you know that?

You can easily create wealth and abundant opportunities into your life, and you actually deserve to receive them all.

This unique and practical Money Motions ebook will….

  • Give you the awareness and assistance to make the necessary changes to create your shift into abundance.
  • Awaken you to the core of your current problems and actually help you change them forever. At the same time empowering you greatly to shift and immediately begin to experience your wealth.  Imagine how wonderful it will feel, being free of financial worries.  Imagine having a plentiful supply of cash.  I’m sure that will put a smile on your face.
  • It will change the way you think, feel and react to money. You only need to be willing to make the change.  Are you willing? Are you ready to put the motion into your money supply in a positive way?

Well then, Money Motions will do it.  All you need to do is get your own copy of Money Motions now, it’s that easy.

It is your turn to receive your birthright of wealth! You deserve it right now!

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*Please report any technical problems with PayPal to Tina


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Money Motions Oracle Cards

Do you wish there was a fast way to identify the negative thoughts and feelings that are blocking your supply of abundance? Well your wish has just come true.  There is a way…

By using these unique Money Motions oracle cards you will easily be able to identify and even change the flow of money to you. Quickly! What a relief!  There is no need to struggle any longer.  These cards will shift out of your subconscious, all the negative patterns. Then by allowing yourself to be re-programmed with a positive replacement, you will transformMoney will flow to you quickly. Your financial status will change.

Here is what you will receive right now, when you buy Money Motions Oracle Cards….

  • A pdf file of 51 oracle cards, to print on your own printer on the paper or board of your choice.
  • Full instructions, which are very easy to implement.
  • 51 positive thought patterns to replace the negative ones in your subconscious.
  • Full transformation of your financial flow…..

For even faster results it is advised that you get your own copy of Money Motions ebook, if you haven’t already done so.  Work through the ebook in a day, and follow on each day using these oracle cards. Money Motions ebook and oracle cards work extremely well together, amplifying your results.

The more often you use these cards, the faster will be your wealthy change.  That means a positive change in your finances.  Isn’t that a great feeling? Imagine the abundance you could attract by having fun with these cards.  No doubt about it, you will definitely have fun as you will immediately notice how accurately these cards describe your current state.  The law of attraction will ensure that you choose the correct card at the correct time, for ultimate transformation.  Isn’t that wonderful?  The law of attraction will fully support you in changing and welcoming the money into your life.

Here is a sample of the text on each card:

I allow myself to release the negative pattern in me that creates

I don’t deserve money

I create a positive pattern

I deserve money


I allow myself to release the negative pattern in me that creates

I never receive an increase

I create a positive pattern

My income is always increasing. I am valuable

So what are you waiting for?  Get your cards today and have fun attracting money.   Plenty of it!

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*Please report any technical problems with PayPal to Tina

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Reiki Healing

One Distant Reiki Healing session

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Relationship Healing

Just imagine your ecstasy when all relationships shift favorably for you. Try to feel the thrill of a much deeper level of love and understanding. Close your eyes and experience that deep, committed interaction with the one you love.

Can this magically happen to you?

What if I told you “YES” – it is all just a matter of pages away right now.

Here is what you learn in this practical ebook….

  • Identifying and fixing co-dependent characteristics.
  • From the ruts of ‘conditional’ to the magic of ‘unconditional’ love.
  • Preserving your energy.
  • Discovering your true self.
  • Cutting energy cords.
  • Why ‘affairs’ occur.
  • The truth about ‘energy bodies’.
  • Exercises that transform.
  • Effective communication.
  • Essential steps on healing.
  • Sacred procedure for renewal of relationship.

These healing techniques I bring you in this ebook can be used for dealing with death, divorce or a relationship renewal.  Get your copy today and become the local relationship expert in your circle.

File Size: 425.47 KB

*Please report any technical problems with PayPal to Tina

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Step 3 – Life Coaching Therapy Session

Purchase your Life Coaching Therapy Session. *R250.00 (Greatly reduce – was R400) payment is also available by EFT direct transfer for South Africa.

No file to download.

*Please report any technical problems with PayPal to Tina

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