Today: 21st of December 2014
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“I recognize my potential and I love and honor my shortcomings.”

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Relationship Healing

Friday Dec 19, 2014

eCover Relationship Healing 2

Become the expert and restore any relationship!

Buy Now : R98

Just imagine your ecstasy when all relationships shift favorably for you. Try to feel the thrill of a much deeper level of love and understanding. Close your eyes and experience that deep, committed interaction with the one you love.

Can this magically happen to you?

What if I told you “YES” – it is all just a matter of pages away right now.

Here is what you learn in this practical ebook….

  • Identifying and fixing co-dependent characteristics.
  • From the ruts of ‘conditional’ to the magic of ‘unconditional’ love.
  • Preserving your energy.
  • Discovering your true self.
  • Cutting energy cords.
  • Why ‘affairs’ occur.
  • The truth about ‘energy bodies’.
  • Exercises that transform.
  • Effective communication.
  • Essential steps on healing.
  • Sacred procedure for renewal of relationship.

These healing techniques I bring you in this ebook can be used for dealing with death, divorce or a relationship renewal.  Get your copy today and become the local relationship expert in your circle.

Buy Now : R98

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