Today: 24th of April 2014
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“I now have surplus, all my needs are being met.”

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Money Motions Success

Friday Apr 18, 2014

Results from those who have successfully transformed their money patterns.

Thank you Tina!  I contacted you the day my husband abandoned my children and I.  I had no idea how to even work, or even find food for my children, as I had never needed to work before.  I didn’t know who to turn to.  After praying I accidentally came across your website, from across the world.  I believe I was guided to you. I just want you to know that if it was not for your kindness in giving me this workshop at such a low and desperate time of my life, my children and I would not have had meals to survive. The best I learnt in this workshop was empowering myself to take responsibility to what my life had given me.  I have now been blessed to find employment that I would never truly have gone into if it had not been for my experience of abandonment. I have truly discovered the power within me and as a bonus earning enough money to take care of my family. Tina, may you be blessed for what you have helped me to awaken to. (India)

I was so rich, truly wealthy and I lost everything due to an unexpected loss.  Your teachings really hit home for me.  All these years I had been creating so much wealth and not ever being grateful.  The moment I lost it all and found your workshop on the internet, was the moment I was grateful.  I realised from your workshop that so much money in your life, doesn’t create the happiness from within.  I thankfully have got in touch with my childhood that had been destroying other areas of my life.  Today I am happy to be creating my wealth again, but within all areas of my life and not just financially. This time around I have wealth in Love, Family, Business, Fun, Spirituality and Health. (Randburg)

I was so proud of myself for finally finding the courage to cut up my credit card that I was spending too much money on.  It only took 6 months for me to apply what I had learnt from your workshop, and pay off my credit card in full.  It feels so good to now have the financial freedom and to make better saving ideas.  I rate your teachings as empowering as Suze Orman’s.  I have also managed to transform my life so much since doing the meditation exercises.  This workshop has given me more value in all areas of my life, and not just money. (Kempton Park)

About 1 hour after completing the Money Motions© Workshop, an awesome miracle happened!  I found R100 in my front garden. I have no idea how it arrived there, and it certainly was not there earlier. I think the universe was definitely responding to the money programming exercise. R100′s keep finding me! (Johannesburg)

Amazingly powerful!  I am now powerful beyond my wildest dreams.  I no longer fear my debt, or bank manager.  I visualise money arriving, and it does.  I have become so much more aware of how I was causing all my own money burdens.  Thanks!  This was truly an eye-opener into me. (Cape Town)

Bad debt gone! I’m happy! Bank manager happy!  Wife happy!  Kids happy! The dogs too! I turned my debt into Wealth!  Never before had I realised how easy it is.  No more negative thinking.  I struggled in the beginning to change my patterns and thoughts but after 2 months money was flowing strongly into my bank account. (Johannesburg)

Thank you Tina.  Your workshop truly pushed many of my buttons.  I even tried avoiding the whole workshop and then realised I was holding myself back by not completing it.  Not all happy at the time, went through some deep emotional memories that held me stuck more than I could have ever realised.  Thank heavens I kept on working with myself.  Thanks for the support it was meaningful, especially when you have no-one to talk to about the debt you can’t pay.  The greatest news is I no longer have large debt, and I am now saving money in every possible way without much effort – pure positive thought and some control on my spending habits.  Many have noticed my changes for the good. (Port Elizabeth)

Money Motions© Workshop has given me far more than just a change in money issues.  Wow, is all I can say.  I have achieved so much success in every area of my life, as a result.  I am even connecting with more and more rich people.  Attracting abundance automatically!  Attracting so much love automatically!  My career has transformed as a result and I am certainly creating more opportunities of wealth.  The opportunities just find me.  Magic. (Bloemfontein)

I was unemployed, broke, depressed and about to become homeless due to not being able to pay my credit card and bond payments.  Thanks to Money Motions© Workshop, I have paid my credit card off in full and still have my home.  I am definitely employed with two jobs – not one, and working fewer hours than I have before.  Now, I truly love the work I do.  A Miracle Workshop is what I call it. It empowered me with so much motivation and inspiration to change my future forever.  The New Rich Me. (Pretoria)

I often do the money exchange exercise with others and find it so amazing how many people are just not aware of their reactions to money.  Pushing it away when they truly want it.  Goodness gracious, this is how I used to be before I did this workshop.  The secret to money and a whole lot more is all in the workshop.  I have truly made the movements and shifted my financial future into Millions.  My circle of friends have changed too – no more poor beggars around me (like I was), only wealthy like minded people who are focused on creating their own wealth. (Cape Town)

I loved the programming exercise.  Any amount of money I use to do it with comes forward immediately.  Harry Potter, I don’t even need a magic wand.  (Springs)

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