Today: 19th of December 2014
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“My thoughts are powerful and therefore I choose them carefully.”

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Money Motions Cards

Wednesday Dec 17, 2014

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Money Motions DIY Oracle Cards

Buy Now : R98

Do you wish there was a fast way to identify the negative thoughts and feelings that are blocking your supply of abundance? Well your wish has just come true.  There is a way…

By using these unique Money Motions oracle cards you will easily be able to identify and even change the flow of money to you. Quickly! What a relief!  There is no need to struggle any longer.  These cards will shift out of your subconscious, all the negative patterns. Then by allowing yourself to be re-programmed with a positive replacement, you will transformMoney will flow to you quickly. Your financial status will change.

Here is what you will receive right now, when you buy Money Motions Oracle Cards….

  • A pdf file of 51 oracle cards, to print on your own printer on the paper or board of your choice.
  • Full instructions, which are very easy to implement.
  • 51 positive thought patterns to replace the negative ones in your subconscious.
  • Full transformation of your financial flow…..

For even faster results it is advised that you get your own copy of Money Motions ebook, if you haven’t already done so.  Work through the ebook in a day, and follow on each day using these oracle cards. Money Motions ebook and oracle cards work extremely well together, amplifying your results.

The more often you use these cards, the faster will be your wealthy change.  That means a positive change in your finances.  Isn’t that a great feeling? Imagine the abundance you could attract by having fun with these cards.  No doubt about it, you will definitely have fun as you will immediately notice how accurately these cards describe your current state.  The law of attraction will ensure that you choose the correct card at the correct time, for ultimate transformation.  Isn’t that wonderful?  The law of attraction will fully support you in changing and welcoming the money into your life.

Here is a sample of the text on each card:

I allow myself to release the negative pattern in me that creates

I don’t deserve money

I create a positive pattern

I deserve money


I allow myself to release the negative pattern in me that creates

I never receive an increase

I create a positive pattern

My income is always increasing. I am valuable

So what are you waiting for?  Get your cards today and have fun attracting money.   Plenty of it!

Buy Now : R98

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