Today: 22nd of December 2014
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Feng Shui Price List

Sunday Dec 14, 2014

Feng Shui Art and Decor by Tina

Could your home or office be the cause of your life struggles?

Find out Now!

By applying the proven techniques of Feng Shui, I can balance and energize your home or office to bring you more harmony and good into your life.  Beneficial changes in : Career & Business / Relationships / Health / Improved quality of sleep / Motivation / Income & Wealth / Wisdom / Education / Success / Spirituality / Helpful people.  As your consultant, I  give you a written report on what is currently out of balance in your home or office and recommend the correct changes.  You will experience most results within one to two weeks of implementation.  Some results are immediate, depending on the circumstances.

Consultation Fees:
A consultation includes 2 appointments of approx 3hrs each.

On 1st appointment: A4 copy of house plans is required to take with me.   I take compass directions, photos & energy analysis.  I also require date of birth for every person living in house or working in business.  Minimum of 50% fee is payable before or at 1st appointment.  Balance on 2nd appointment.

On 2nd appointment: I give you written report of recommendation of change for you to do in your own time.  There is an extra charge if you want me to help you implement the changes with you.

1 Bedroomed = R750 (with Lounge, Dine, Kitchen etc all included)

2 Bedroomed = R900 (with Lounge, Dine, Kitchen etc all included)

3 Bedroomed = R1,200 (with Lounge, Dine, Kitchen etc all included)

4 Bedroomed = R1,600 (with Lounge, Dine, Kitchen, study etc all included)

5 Bedroomed = R2,000 (with Lounge, Dine, Kitchen, study etc all included)

Office or Business included in house = R500 extra

Business with up to 5 employees = R2,800

Business with up to 10 employees = R5,600

My physical help in rearranging and redecorating is R250/hr

My specilaized art pieces if desired is priced according to size and work involved.

Garden Route / South Africa – Contact Tina

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