Today: 22nd of December 2014
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Connecting with Archangels

Monday Dec 15, 2014

eCover Connecting with Archangels

Connecting with Archangels

Buy Now : R98

Do you know that the celestial realm are waiting for you to call on them for help?  They are ready and willing to assist you in your life.  Or perhaps there is someone you know who needs help.  The Archangels can very powerfully assist.  They love helping you and connecting to you.  God has enlisted many angels and Archangels to help you.  But you do need to ask as they will never intervene without your permission, unless of course it is an emergency.  So here is a powerful and practical ebook that will smooth the process of connecting with them as well as empowering that connection through God’s divine light.

You can buy this Connecting with Archangels ebook right now and immediately begin learning….

  • about the celestial realm
  • how to identify that they are with you
  • to clear your own energies to ensure you are connecting with Archangels
  • to do a fantastic meditation exercise to align with them
  • who they are and their colour vibration
  • powerful meditations and prayers accelerating your communications
  • to understand why they sometimes don’t help you
  • ideas and inspirations for working with Archangels
  • practical work to know which Archangel to call upon at your time of need

The meditation and prayer will align you with 7 of the most well known Archangels:

  • Archangel Michael
  • Archangel Jophiel
  • Archangel Chamuel
  • Archangel Gabriel
  • Archangel Raphael
  • Archangel Uriel
  • Archangel Zadkiel

There is nothing more exhilarating than experiencing the speed and power of working with the Archangels.  Helping yourself and others becomes a great joy!

Buy Now : R98

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