Today: 22nd of December 2014
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“Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.”

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Tina looking within

As your Universal Life Coaching Therapist, I uniquely assist you by using the very best of my skills, knowledge and modalities.  I am a person who operates from within.  I follow my intuition and apply my knowledge and wisdom to fit with your uniqueness.  My approach is more holistic working on all levels of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and often astral to ensure you receive

balanced and empowered results.

My skills include – Ex-Corporate Personal Assistant, Reiki Master, Let’s Talk Communication Therapist, Feng Shui Consultant, Intuitive, Colour Therapist, Angel Therapist,  Author,  I am a ‘Survivor to Thriver’ from childhood sexual abuse.   I have extensive personal development experience and skills to pass on and empower you.

Life Coaching Therapy Vision

To uniquely assist you to awaken, heal, be empowered, be motivated and transform into your highest potential and abundance. Live your purpose and have fun!
Transforming the world into a state of happiness and balance.

Life Coaching Therapy Mission

To continuously attract like-minded people who are ready and passionate to transform and create wealth and balance into all areas of their lives as well as those that they continuously attract to them.

Love and Healing Light, Tina Andrews